19th & 20th October 2018

U10 Sun

Kempton U10 Sun League vs Vosloorus , Kempton won by default , man of the match Bernard Liebenberg top scored with 64 runs , other notable performances with the bat came from River Scott scoring 30 not out , with the ball Xayne Wilkens Bekker 3/0 and Wesley Mathee 3/10


U12 Carnival Blue

Kempton u12 Carnival (Blue team) vs Etwatwa , Kempton won by 5 wickets , man of the match Armand Rood took 5/11 from 3 overs supported by Keegan Carstens with figures of 3/3 in 4 overs , notable batting performances by Joshua James scoring 30  and Fay Cowling scoring 27


U12 Ekurhuleni yellow

Kempton U12 Ekurhuleni Yellow vs Red , the yellow team won by 4 wickets some good bowling performances from Marcus Ballot 2/8 in 3 overs , Lereko Tshosane 2/28 in 5 overs and Joshua Froud 2/38 in 5 overs , man of the match Deklin Bekker top scored with 51 not out , Joni supported and scored 28 not out .


U14 Impala Blue

Kempton u14  Impala Blue vs Benoni 2 , Kempton won by 152 runs,  a superb batting performance from Tiaan Haywood scoring 101 , he was supported by Kyle Stevens 28 and Pranav Suryadevara 22 not out , the Kempton Bowlers Dominated bowling Benoni out for 48 runs , superb Bowling performances by Justin Mostert 2/8 in 3 overs , Jonathan White 2/17 in 3 overs and Jordan Southey 3/10 in 3 overs


U12 Impala

Kempton U12 Impala vs Duduza , Kempton won by 152 runs , man of the match Floors Mynhard top scored with 68 not out , other notable performances with the bat from Connor Le Grange 49 , Kai van Aard 31 not out. Top performer with the ball was Keagan Lewis taking  4/7 .


U8 Impala

Kempton U8 Impala league vs Duduza , Kempton won by 101 runs , Man of the match Blaine Kotze top scored with 29 runs not out , he also had a good day with the ball with figures of 2/0.Other notable achievements by Dirk van Der Walt scored 26 not out , Matthew Turketti with bowling figures of 2/1


U10 Ekurhuleni Blue

Kempton u10 Ekurhuleni League (Blue team ) vs Avion , result Drawn , due to weather.some notable performances with the ball , came from Tertius van der Walt 1/4 , Xander de Villiers 0/4 , with the bat Joshua Janse van Rensburg scored 36 , Kian Patterson 19 , Xander de Villiers 9 not out


U8 ekurhuleni

Kempton U8 Ekurhuleni vs Benoni , Kempton won by 7 wickets, Benoni won the toss and elected to bat first , Benoni only managed to score 83/3 after 20 overs.
Bowling performances:
Christiaan Swanepoel 1/7 in 2 overs
Joshua Ziervogel 1/4 in 2 overs

Batting second Kempton Park chased down the total set on the last ball of the match with only 3 wickets down.
Batting performances’s
Daniel Hattingh 13 (not out)
Lwandle Khoza 17 (not out

U8 Sun

Kempton U8 Sun League vs Kwa Thema, Kempton won by 37 runs , Man of the match Hugo Wilbers with bowling figures of 3/2 in 2 overs , other notable achievements with the bat Ben De Beer 21 , Carlo Coetzee 17 , Zak Muller 14 , Josh grieve 3/1 in 2 overs

9th & 10th February 2018


U10 Carnival Yellow beat Benoni by 4 wickets. Top Batmans for the night was Kyros Stavrides 19*, Arav Sookdeo 14* and Joshua Venter 12*. Great bowling from Lukas Mostert for his 2/23.


U10 Impala Blue

U10 Impala Blue beat Champions by 41 runs. Well done to Vinny Ambrosi for his 54* (first 50 for the club), Mackensie Ross 34 and Tristan Westman 12. Outstanding bowling from Christopher Bennett 3/18.



U10 Sun Blue beat Bakerton by 4 wickets. Well done to the following batmans for their outstanding performance, Jack Cannon 36* and Francois Marais 34*. Ben Steyn taking 2 wickets and Louis Mouton 1 wicket. Well done team !!!



U8 Carnival Blue beat Kwa Thema by 22 runs. Top Batsman for the day were Keagan Viljoen 13* and Anthony Stockigt 10. Well done to Dylan Kotze 2/8. Man of the match went to Tristan Brits.



U12 Sun Blue beat United by 22 runs. Well done to the follwoing batsman Allesio Chezzi for his 67, Nathan Petzer 12 and Dylan Hutchons 11. Bowling for the day was Allesio Chezzi 2/8, Marco Oliver 2/5.




Well Done to U10 Sun Yellow for an outstanding performance beating S.O.B by 103 runs. Congratulations to Daniel Stevens for his 52*, Hanro van den berg 14, Corne Schipper 2. Best bowling for the day goes to Vedant Choudry 2/4 and Corne Schipper 2/8.


2nd & 3rd February 2018


U10 Carnival Yellow beat Benoni by 5 wickets. Top Batsman Kyros Stavrides 16*, Saien Padayachi 12*, Jarred Sandler 10. Fantastic bowling from Darian Valentini 2/4 and Jarred Sandler 8/2.



U8 Carnival BLUE

Well done to the U8 Carnival Blue beating Alberton by 8 wickets. Batsman of the day went to Tertius van der Walt for his 15*. Wicket takers were Tristan Brits 1/1 Joshua van Rensburg 1/4. All round an exciting fielding game with 6 run outs.

10th & 11th November 2017

U10 carnival BLUE

U10 Carnival Blue beat U10 Carnival Yellow in the local Derby on Saturday. Well to the following boys Wade Breytenbach 19* and 2/8, Ewald van der Linde 15* and 3/6, Jamie Lange 1/1, MJ Du Toit 10 and 1/9, Bernard Lieberberg 1/3, Josh Gillham 2/3, Logan van der Bank 10.

Duane 11.11.17

U10 Carnival yellow

Unfortunately U10 Carnival Blue lost to U10 Carnival Yellow by 6 wickets. Well done to Matthew Elphick scoring 16, Lukas Moster taking 2/12 and Darian Valentini 1/4.

Andrew 11.

U10 sun blue

U10 Sun Blue beat Alberton by 44 runs. Top Batsman Francois Marais 42 and Louis Mouton 38. Ben Steyn taking 2/27, Careem Swanepoel 1/25 and Arnu Nel 1/13. Man of the Match went to Francois Marais.

Jayson 11.11.17

U14 sun yellow

Well done to the U14 Sun’s beating Geluksdal by 3 runs. Man of the Match went to Realeboga Chidi 3/26. Top Batsman’s for the day were Shirav Sewsunker 33*, Zack Smith 27. Great bowling from Reinhardt Schaffner 2/14.

JP 11.11.17

U8 carnival BLUE

U8 Carnival Blue Lost to Alberton by 20 runs. Well deserved Man of the Match went to Benjamin de Beer 2/5 and 9 runs, Aziz Alexander 9* and 1/12, Kegan Viljoen 10, Eric Everett 6 and 1/14, Tristan Brits 6.

Morris 11.11.17

U10 sun yellow

U10 Sun Yellow lost to Boksburg by 26 runs. Guillaume Botha 5 overs for 4 runs, Trystan Correia 3/9, Dylan Botha 18, Hanro van den Berg 18.

Warren 11.11.17

U12 sun BLUE

Unfortunately U12 Sun Blue lost to Actonville by 6 wickets. Top Scorers were Tristan Smit 30*, Alessio Chezzi 31 and Lex Marshall 26. Great Bowling from Alessio Chezzi 1/14, Nathan Petzer 2/23 and Uveshan Moodley 1/21.

Robbie 11.11.17

U8 sun

Well done to the U8 Sun beating KwaThema by 50 Runs. Top Performers were Licoln Casais 28* and Tristan Harris 1/3. Man of the Match went to Joshua van Rensburg for his 19* and 2/6.

Marc 11.11.17

U10 IMPALA yellow

Another win for the Impala Yellow’s beating Avion by 11 runs. Top batsman’s Nathan Whibley 37, Stian de Villiers 27, Stian Smith 27 and Marko Richter 15. Great Bowling from Sihaan Singh 3/34, Doron Sandler 2/28. Stian Smith 2/15 and Marko Richter 2/18.

Francois 11.11.17

U8 carnival yellow

U8 Carnival Yellow sadly lost to Actonville by 9 wickets on Friday night.

Elton 11.11.17

3rd & 4th November 2017


Well done to the U10 Impala Blue’s beating Befordview by 3 Wickets. Top Batsman’s Jean De Villier 37* and Mackenzie Ross 30. Wicket takers in the Bowling were Dehan Muller 1/12, Jean De Villiers 1/2, Ethan Kotze 1/14 and Christopher Bennett 1/14. Man of the Match went to Jean De Villiers.

David 3.11.17



U10 Carnival Blue beat Nigel by 98 runs on Saturday. Top Performers for the day were Josh Gillham 18 and 2/12, MJ du Toit 25 and 1/9, Logan van der Bank 27 and 1/3. Man of the Match went to Bernard Liebenberg 28 and 4/11. Well Done Bernard !!

Duane 4.11.17


U8 Carnival Blue got a another victory this Saturday against Avion by beating them by 7 wickets. Aziz Alexander 11, Tristan Brits 9 and 1/17, Matthew Turketti 6 and 1/6. Man of the Match went to Dylan Kotze for his Outstanding bowling 4/8.

Morris 3.11.17

27th & 28th October 2017

U14 impala

Well done to the U14 Impala’s beating Duduza by 105 Runs. Congratulations to Ruan Van Heerden for making his first fifty for the club. Well done to Wiaan van den Berg on his 55. Matthew Henning then came in and cleaned up the bowling with his 4/11.

Brian 28.10.17


U10 Sun Blue had their first victory this weekend against Actonville, winning by 22 runs. Well done to these top scorers, Willem Lotriet 27, Joshua Froud 21, Nathan Mok 19 and Jack Cannon. Well done to Careem Swanepoel on his bowling of 2/12. Man of the Match went to Jack Cannon for his quick 11 runs at the end of the innings, good bowling and Run out.

Jay 28.10.17


U10 Impala Blue unfortunately lost to Avion this week. Fantastic batting though from Dehan muller 49*, well done !! Tino Mutekwa did his magic again by taking another 2 wickets.

David 28.10.17

20th & 21st October 2017


U-8 Carnival Blue beat Carnival Yellow by nine wickets. The man of the match award went to Tertius van der Walt for his nine runs, 2/6 and a stumping.

Morris 20.10.17



U-12 Impala Blue beat United by three wickets. Winning the toss, Kempton elected to field first and bowled United out for 113. Janrik van Wyk 2/5, Malcolm Janse van Rensburg 2/16 and Keegan Lewis 1/8.

IG 21.10.17

13th & 14th October 2017


U12 Carnival

U-12 Carnival Blue beat Champions by three wickets. Champions 179/4 with Bokang Nyandeni taking 2/33. A determined Kempton dug deep to win the game in the last over with Kyle Naicker scoring 82* and Luan Jordaan 27.

Darryl 13.10.17


U10 impala blue

U-10 Impala Blue beat Benoni Northerns by nine runs in a T20 night match. Fantastic batting by Mackenzie Ross 13, Zander Swart 13, Jean de Villiers 12, Vinny Ambrosi 12*, Dehan Muller 12*. Man of the match went to Tino Mutekwa who took four wickets and a hat-trick in his debut for Kempton.

David 13.10.17



U-10 Carnival Blue beat Benoni by 51 runs. Kempton 132/8. Man of the match was awarded to Logan van der Bank for his 23 and 2/8. Other top performers were Louis Mouton (24 and 3/10), Wade Breytenbach (21) and Ewald van der Linde (2/4).

Duane 13.10.17


U8 CARNIVAL yellow

U8 Carnival Yellow Played United away and beat them by 7 wickets. Man of the match went to Coenrad Uys for his outstanding bowling of 2/6. Other wickets takers were Dylan Kotze, Zak Muller, Keagan Viljoen and Treasure Dube.

Elton 13.10.17


U12 impala blue

U12 Impala Blue beat Benoni Northerns by 7 wickets. Top scorers for the day were Martin Williams 28 and Aiden Patterson 26. Great bowling from Jacey Labuschagne 2/4 and Daniel Spies 1/7.

IG 13.10.17